To assist our prospective clients in helping them to make the best decisions regarding their purchase of a Black Knight Performance Engineering, Inc. (BKPE) vehicle, BKPE has provided the following summary of those policies that we believe will most affect the prospective client’s buying decisions.

Personal Sales Representative
Each client of BKPE is provided their own Personal Sales Representative (PSR). The PSR is given the singular task of assisting the client with every aspect of both the buying and ownership experience with the goal of maximizing client satisfaction in the process of building, delivering and owning a BKPE automobile.

Specifically, the PSR will serve the client in designing his ideal automobile, the processing of the actual purchase, regularly updating the client on the production progress, the delivering of the vehicle, and the handling of any issues the client may have during this process. After the delivery, the PSR will continue to serve the client in any way the client deems necessary to fully enjoy his dream muscle car.

Of course, should a client ever feel the need to discuss any concern with the owners of BKPE, the client’s PSR will ensure that the client is given this opportunity.

Payment Policies
After the client and his PSR have finalized the design of the client’s ideal automobile, the client will be asked to sign a Purchase Agreement, which documents not only the design itself, but the financial terms of the transaction and other details related to the sale. At the time of the signing of the Purchase Agreement, the client will be asked to provide to BKPE a deposit of not less than fifty per cent of the total cost of the vehicle.

Once these funds are received and successfully processed, the vehicle will be placed in the production que, which is to say all of the parts necessary for the production are ordered and a production timetable is created and implemented. This production time table is built around one key event in the production of the vehicle: the date upon which the vehicle enters the paint booth or half-way between Pre-Production Assembly and Preparation and Final Assembly and Delivery. Once the client is notified that his vehicle has reached “Ready for Final Assembly,” he will have two weeks in which to provide BKPE with a payment of not less than 25% of the total cost of the vehicle.

Then, about two weeks prior to the vehicle reaching its scheduled “Ready for Delivery” date, the client will be contacted to set up the actual delivery of the vehicle. After the client has been satisfied with his dream automobile, he shall exchange payment for the balance due for the keys and his title, completing the transaction.

Production Lead Time
All of the vehicles built by BKPE are custom built to our client’s exact specifications. Given the sheer number of models, body styles, options and colors we offer our clients, it would be impossible for us to anticipate what vehicle will be purchased by a future client and have that vehicle in stock and ready for delivery. Therefore, we ask all of our clients to anticipate a four to six month time frame between the execution of the Purchase Agreement and the delivery of the vehicle.

Archetype Class Vehicles
Each BKPE vehicle is built from the finest parts available to ensure our clients have the greatest driving experience per dollar of any vehicle manufactured anywhere in the entire world. For our Archetype-class vehicles, we add one more design criterion: we desire to replicate its factory-built counterpart in exacting detail, including, whenever possible, the factory stampings for part numbers and build-date codes. However, this is not always possible or even desirable, which is to say that for parts that cannot be seen on the finished vehicle, we have taken the liberty of using parts that are superior to their factory counterparts. If you have a specific question of how closely your Archetype-class vehicle matches its factory counterpart, please do not hesitate to contact your PSR.

Delivery Policies
Like other fine motor vehicles, a BKPE automobile is an investment for our clients. Therefore, we request that each client make arrangements to visit our production facility to personally inspect the automobile and insure total satisfaction before final delivery.

Once the vehicle has met our client’s every expectation, the client may either drive or trailer their vehicle home or allow us to arrange for their vehicle to be delivered by a member of our network of professional automobile transportation companies. The client simply informs their PSR where the vehicle is to be delivered and we take care of the rest.

For our foreign clients that are unable to travel to the Unites States to receive their vehicle, that client’s PSR will gladly make arrangements to have the client’s vehicle delivered to him or her in a mutually agreeable delivery portal in the nearest available country. Of course, BKPE will comply with all laws and regulations concerning the exporting and importing of motor vehicles and must necessarily charge an additional amount for foreign delivery services.

Titling and Registration of Vehicles
All BKPE vehicles will be initially titled and registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which requires that the vehicles be inspected to ensure that they meet Virginia’s safety standards and federal safety and emissions regulations for the year in which they are manufactured.

Fortunately, Virginia law allows for BKPE vehicles to be titled in, registered in and meet the safety and emissions standards of the year of the vehicle replicated, irrespective of the year of manufacture, allowing our clients to meet the safety and emissions standards of their home state without issue.

Clients outside of the Commonwealth may then re-title and re-register their vehicle in their home state in keeping with the laws and regulations of that home state. We will do our very best to ensure that our vehicles comply with each state’s requirements before issuing a Purchase Agreement to our client. When it comes to the actual re-tilting and re-registering of the vehicle, the PSR will ensure that each client is fully instructed on these procedures during the vehicle delivery process.


Need Additional Information?
Should you require additional information as you make your buying decision, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone at 1-888-969-BKPE (2573).