We at Black Knight Performance Engineering, Inc., believe with every fiber of our being that we produce the finest performance vehicles on the planet. Because of his, we have no doubt that our company will prove itself a tremendous success, being thought of in the same breath as the greats of years gone by, including Yenko, Shelby, and Foose.

This level of confidence motivates us to seek out General Motors Ford, and Chrysler new car dealerships and select high-end previously-owned car dealerships that would like to add to their usual products our line of performance vehicles and packages.

For the vintage muscle cars built by BKPE, this will mean making a higher-than-average, per-vehicle profit than most of the cars a typical dealership sells. For the new vehicles we modify, it will mean making the profit on the sale of vehicle to the customer and then an additional profit on the performance packages that your customer adds to his or her vehicle.

But more than having just more products to sell, becoming a BKPE authorized dealer allows you access to the multi-billion dollar per year performance aftermarket.

Imagine taking one of our 1,000 hp Super Slayer Camaros to the local car show and announcing your arrival by the deep rumble of your exhaust note. Crowds will draw near to see and hear about the beautiful machine we have built for you. Proactive conduct like this, coupled with the right marketing strategy that we will help you develop and implement, will in short order cause your dealership to be known as the go-to dealership for performance in your community.

Every man that dreams of having a high-performance car invariably needs an SUV for his family and a sedan for work. Thus, it goes without saying that being known in your community as the king of performance can only lead to increased vehicle sales across the board.

Of course, we will fully train your select staff of Performance Advisors on how to sell each of our vehicles/packages. We will provide you sales and order processing information. We will also provide you signage and media-ready copy for you to announce to your community that you are part of the elite group that engineers performance to the next level.

All that is required of any dealership that would like to become part of our nationwide network is for that dealership to purchase at least one of any of our vehicles that retails in excess of $135,000.00 for your showroom and agree to participate in our advertising and sales program for the next five year period.
If you wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity to sell 21st century muscle cares to increase your bottom-line, please e-mail us or call us at 1-888-969-BKPE (2573).